Rock House Creamery


Our Story

Our family knows a thing or two about farming.

We’re the proud owners of Farmview Market in Madison and Kelly Products in Covington, and our family has been in the business of growing food and raising livestock since the 1700’s.

In 2016, we purchased the Johnston Family Farm, a family owned and operated dairy since 1940.

We continue the tradition the Johnston family started more than 75 years ago – to offer the healthiest, tastiest dairy products to our local community.

We do things a little different here.

For us, this is a labor of love. We use time-honored, simple methods and the strictest quality standards. These are differences we feel good about, and you can taste.

Our People

Jessica Kennedy

Dairy Manager

A former dairy inspector for the Georgia Department of Agriculture with a degree from the University of Georgia in Dairy Science, our creamery manager knows her way around a dairy. A West Virginia native and mother of two, Jessica, has a passion for ag education and promoting family farms.

“I enjoy using the knowledge I have gained over the past 20 years to develop new dairy products, provide quality milk for the local community and educate the visitors about dairy products and farming.”

Where to Find

You can find our products at these locations all around Georgia!