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When we say fresh, we mean it. Our milk goes from our cows to the bottle in 48 hours or less.

Whole Milk

All-natural, creamline milk and nothing else.

Available In:
1 Gallon / Half Gallon

Chocolate Milk

Premium dark cocoa powder and real cane sugar.

Available In:
16 FL OZ. / 32 FL OZ.

What is Creamline Milk?

Creamline milk is one of the most natural forms of milk. It is pasteurized, but not homogenized. Homogenization is the process after pasteurization where the milk is mixed and the cream line (or fat content) is permanently mixed into the body of the milk. Non-homogenized milk can aid the body in better digestion, and properly utilize the proteins found in milk.


Making cheese is a labor of love. We use time-honored, old world techniques.

Cheese Curds

All our cheese starts as curds. Fresh with a mild, salty flavor.

Available In:
8 OZ. / 16 OZ.


A fresh spreadable cheese that pairs well with just about anything.

Available In:
8 OZ. / 16 OZ.

What are Curds?

Cheese curds are the first step in the life of some cheeses.
Cheeses like cheddar, for example, start out as curds before they are aged. When eaten fresh, and at room temperature, cheese curds have a slightly rubbery texture and make a squeaking sound when eaten. That squeaking sound lets you know they are fresh! Rock House Creamery cheese curds have a mild, salty flavor.

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