Georgia Grown Family Farm

Specializing in grass-fed beef, pork and artisan dairy products

“Perfection is a journey, not the destination.”

And we’re on the path. We know that all good things come with time. We do things the long way, the right way – and the proof is in the flavor. We invite you to taste the difference.” Keith Kelly, Owner

Because life is too short to eat uninspired. We know you want to make choices that are good for your family and our environment. We do too. That’s why we produce natural products that taste great, because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor for health.

We use traditional production methods, honoring our animals and the land. With minimal processing, our products are as close to natural as it comes. These are differences we feel good about, and you can taste.

Your search for the best grassfed beef stops here.

Rock House Farm grassfed beef is simply the best – from selecting the right breeds for the best flavor attributes, to working with forage specialist to grow just the right grasses to promote better flavor and tenderness, to harvesting at just the right time, carefully selecting only the very best cuts and ensuring product is always fresh.

Inspired Artisan Dairy

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