Sales Sheet

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All of our products start from our rich and delicious creamline whole milk. When we say fresh, we mean it. Our milk goes from our cows to the bottle in 48 hours or less. We produce our milk with no homogenization, using low-temp pasteurization resulting in rich creamline milk packed full of flavor and nutrition. Our cows are raised naturally and pastured year-round.

Grassfed/Finished beef

Rock House cattle are a heritage breed, Devon, crossed with Angus. Irrigation is used to grow high-quality forage on a year-round basis, which translates into tender, flavorful beef being produced throughout the year.

Berkshire pork

Berkshire pork is a hands down winner of flavor, with a darker color and greater marbling for optimum tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Rock House hogs are raised in an open environment that combines woods and pasture.

Grist mill

Our two heirloom corn varieties – Hickory King and Bloody Butcher – were started from a few handfuls of heritage seed we got from some friends in Texas. We mill the corn in our grist mill each day to make grits and cornmeal.